Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lost in Translation

Incident #1 - another supervisor called to me on the playground looking for a pair of gloves left outside by one of her students. She described them as 'Black with a Hawk on the back of the hand'. I looked and, sure enough, there was a pair of black gloves right where she said they'd be. BUT the picture on them was of.............


Incident #2

A boy called me over at lunch to report that the boys sitting near him were saying a really BAD word - it begins with the letter 'S' he said.

me: is it a word you can repeat?

him: no it's a REALLY bad word

me: does it end in the letter 'T'

him: beginning to spell it to himself 'S--H--............yes!

me: and (thinking how to be discreet) is it something that comes out of a dog?

him: (looking puzzled) NO!

me: Can you please just tell me the word?

him: it was 'Shutup'

*in case you're wondering - this is a 2nd grader who may just need to brush up on his spelling I'm thinking LOL.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A 5 year old's political perspective...

Had to break up a physical fight between two kindergarten boys because one of them was dissing the other's presidential candidate (rolling eyes). I can't wait til this election is over!