Thursday, October 7, 2010

Overheard in the Lunchroom

'Billy' told me he found the wishbone in his chicken at lunch [he was eating a drumstick LOL]

After I explained where the wishbone is found, he asked:

'Do people have wishbones?'


Friday, August 27, 2010

Kitchen is Open

First day of school was Wednesday.

Some new changes in place made the day feel a bit 'upside down' but for the most part it went rather smoothly.

Working with different kids this year, so a whole new batch of names to learn along with some familiar faces as well.

One cute kindergarten boy I'll call Tommy told me he lost his first tooth the previous night.

Me: Really? Cool! Did the Tooth Fairy leave you anything?

Tommy: Yep! FIVE Dollars!!!

Me: FIVE DOLLARS! Wow, what are you going to do with all that money??

Tommy: [trying his darndest to explain a $5 dollar bill to me] Well, now it wasn't five different dollars. It was just ONE dollar with a '5' on it. Not five DOLLARS outside each other!

Me: Gotcha!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Kitchen is Closed...

Last day of school was Thursday. Yes, I cried...

I always do!

Before I take my hairnet off for the summer, just one last post.

A sweet little girl I'll call Amy who is in kindergarten had this exchange with me last week. (It needs to be noted that she is African American and I am not)

Amy: Lunchlady, your hair is JUST like mine!!

Me: It is?

Amy: Yes! Because you have your hair in a pony tail and so do I!!!

Me: Yep, our hair is EXACTLY alike!

Hugs! And have a great summer!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Not the kind of reruns you see on television, but the kind where I'm performing a very undesirable task...............again!

We were just cleaning up after our first lunch shift when a 5th grade boy (it was a 5th grade girl before) came in telling us he had 'lost his retainer in the garbage'.

I said to him, 'Believe it or not, I've had to do this before so I know the important questions to ask first'.

Me: Which garbage can do you think it's in? [I had to look through 3 before]

Boy points

Me: Are we talking about a traditional retainer or a clear one? [previous girl didn't warn me until I had been through 2/3 of the garbage that it was, in fact, a CLEAR retainer I was looking for].

Boy: It's not clear, but it's not's BLUE!

Me: [laughing] That's really good news because it will be easier to find!

And it was! I did however give the 'don't put it into your mouth until your mom has disinfected it' know.....................just in case he forgot where it had just been.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Overheard in the Lunchroom

Kindergarten Girl:

"I just love Spring! I really like it when you can rake up all the leaves and jump in them!"

Uhmmmm-kay! Perhaps some late yard cleanup is in order here? [giggles]

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Share the Wealth??

Today, fortune cookies were served with lunch, which always means reading a lot of fortunes to 5 year olds who can't read yet.

Timmy: What does this say? [handing me his fortune]

ME: [giving my usual fortune cookie day answer] It says, 'Always be nice to the lunchlady'

Timmy: No it doesn't! (giggling)

ME: How do you know it doesn't? You asked me to read it for you. Then I read the actual fortune which ironically was predicting he would inherit a large...........uhm..............FORTUNE..........and share it with the lunchlady (I adlibbed the last part)

Timmy: No it doesn't (belly laughing)

ME: You mean you wouldn't share a bunch of money with me? Then what would you do with it?

Timmy: I'd stick it in my wallet!

ME: What if it's too much money for your wallet?

Timmy: I'd put it in my piggy bank!

ME: What if it's too much for your piggy bank?

Timmy: Well, oooooooohhhhhhh-kaaaaaaaaaaaay - I guess I could give some to you then (rolling his eyes)

ME: But only if you really want to [grins].

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A coccyx by any other name...

'Gracie' came to me with tears welling up in her eyes. I could see she had just gone down the slide and at the bottom is a very icy landing thanks to last week's thaw and this week's freeze.

She looked up at me with her sad little eyes and sobbed, 'Lunchlady, I think I broke my butt'

I held back the giggle rising to the surface and assured her that wasn't possible. She limped away........I went home...........and googled broken butt.

Apparently, you CAN break your butt (bone).

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soft Landing - ish

Combo of yesterday's melting snow - turned freezing rain left today's sledding hill in a word..........treacherous!

One young boy flew like the wind down the big hill, across the flat land and up the little hill, slowing as he peaked the top...............and then turned left and headed right for me!

I couldn't move. Not enough time, and too much ice under foot. He clipped me right at the feet and bowled me over. Good thing I had a soft landing............... on top of him!

We decided to go body sledding with the remaining groups of kids for safety's sake - theirs and -- uhmm ............... mine!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

5 Seconds of Fame.................or Less

Channel 5 News team (well if you can call 1 reporter and 1 camera guy a team) came to film our kids sledding today. How cool is that? They interviewed each of the 5 kids. One of the girls was beside herself with excitement over the whole experience. I'll call her Nicky.

After the kids were done showing off on the hill and talking to the reporter, the kids were brought in and the reporter asked to interview me (G-U-L-P). All I kept thinking about was how the camera adds 20 pounds. (No it was NOT the Christmas cookies, it was the camera I tell ya!!).

Not to worry. My family surrounded the TV promptly at 4:30 (popcorn in lap LOL) to watch my television debut. THERE! There are the kids sledding down the hill. THERE! There is 'Nicky' giving her adorable answer to the reporter. THERE! -- Wait -- that's a commercial!

I feel a little badly for the other 4 kids who didn't get their wind-chilled cherub faces shown for all to see. As for me?

Well, cookies never lie - and now I have a chance to shed a few pounds before ANY news team shoots a camera my way!

Mind your Manners

One of my 2nd graders was very proud to rattle off a list of table manners after exclaiming that she 'knows all of them'.

  • put your napkin on your lap
  • keep your elbows off of the table
  • no crawling under the table (??)
  • unless you drop your napkin on the floor and then it's okay (smile)
and the girl sitting across from her excitedly says.....

  • no rolling your eyes (thanks to the parents for teaching that one)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Here's a Tip!

One of my kindergarten girls called me over to her and handed me a dime.

What's this? I asked

She replied, 'It's for you - because I like the way you do your job' :)