Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Share the Wealth??

Today, fortune cookies were served with lunch, which always means reading a lot of fortunes to 5 year olds who can't read yet.

Timmy: What does this say? [handing me his fortune]

ME: [giving my usual fortune cookie day answer] It says, 'Always be nice to the lunchlady'

Timmy: No it doesn't! (giggling)

ME: How do you know it doesn't? You asked me to read it for you. Then I read the actual fortune which ironically was predicting he would inherit a large...........uhm..............FORTUNE..........and share it with the lunchlady (I adlibbed the last part)

Timmy: No it doesn't (belly laughing)

ME: You mean you wouldn't share a bunch of money with me? Then what would you do with it?

Timmy: I'd stick it in my wallet!

ME: What if it's too much money for your wallet?

Timmy: I'd put it in my piggy bank!

ME: What if it's too much for your piggy bank?

Timmy: Well, oooooooohhhhhhh-kaaaaaaaaaaaay - I guess I could give some to you then (rolling his eyes)

ME: But only if you really want to [grins].