Thursday, May 13, 2010


Not the kind of reruns you see on television, but the kind where I'm performing a very undesirable task...............again!

We were just cleaning up after our first lunch shift when a 5th grade boy (it was a 5th grade girl before) came in telling us he had 'lost his retainer in the garbage'.

I said to him, 'Believe it or not, I've had to do this before so I know the important questions to ask first'.

Me: Which garbage can do you think it's in? [I had to look through 3 before]

Boy points

Me: Are we talking about a traditional retainer or a clear one? [previous girl didn't warn me until I had been through 2/3 of the garbage that it was, in fact, a CLEAR retainer I was looking for].

Boy: It's not clear, but it's not's BLUE!

Me: [laughing] That's really good news because it will be easier to find!

And it was! I did however give the 'don't put it into your mouth until your mom has disinfected it' know.....................just in case he forgot where it had just been.