Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yesterday's Blues

Too busy to blog yesterday due to the last of 3 curriculum nights in a week's time.

Nothing too eventful to report in the lunchroom for yesterday, except that it rained ALL day so that meant indoor recess. Funny how a day full of rain can affect the VOLUME indoors?

The kids and our procedures are beginning to 'click' although there are still a few who are still a little late coming to the party.

One little 1st grader had to visit the nurse and when she had returned to her classroom they had all gone home. Not really, but she may have thought that as I found her wandering around the hallway sort of numb and lost looking. No worries, she was supposed to be in the lunchroom so she got a VIP escort from me!

1 comment:

sis said...

aww, poor baby! glad you were the guide her on her way :)