Friday, October 2, 2009

Read me my (MIS) Fortune

So today, the kids were served fortune cookies with their hot lunches. Always makes for an interesting day as we get many excited requests from the littles to read their fortunes to them.

You know how you read something out loud and you don't really hear the words until they come out of your mouth, and by then it's a little too late? on........

5 year old (kindergarten boy) asked me to read his fortune

I'm in 'read it and move on to the next child' mode so I proceed to read out loud "You will have a Love Affair' (GASP) what did I just read out loud in front of 45 five year olds?

Another boys blurts out 'What's a Love Affair' to which I reply......

'I don't know but HE'S having one' - LOL

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