Thursday, January 7, 2010

5 Seconds of Fame.................or Less

Channel 5 News team (well if you can call 1 reporter and 1 camera guy a team) came to film our kids sledding today. How cool is that? They interviewed each of the 5 kids. One of the girls was beside herself with excitement over the whole experience. I'll call her Nicky.

After the kids were done showing off on the hill and talking to the reporter, the kids were brought in and the reporter asked to interview me (G-U-L-P). All I kept thinking about was how the camera adds 20 pounds. (No it was NOT the Christmas cookies, it was the camera I tell ya!!).

Not to worry. My family surrounded the TV promptly at 4:30 (popcorn in lap LOL) to watch my television debut. THERE! There are the kids sledding down the hill. THERE! There is 'Nicky' giving her adorable answer to the reporter. THERE! -- Wait -- that's a commercial!

I feel a little badly for the other 4 kids who didn't get their wind-chilled cherub faces shown for all to see. As for me?

Well, cookies never lie - and now I have a chance to shed a few pounds before ANY news team shoots a camera my way!

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