Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank you Thomas Edison

Just when you think you're all settled in and the kids are falling into a great routine??

The power goes out...


on a Monday

Did I mention it was hot out today?

I had to laugh at the radio transmission I overheard with someone looking for the principal.

VOICE ON RADIO: Where are you located right now?

OTHER VOICE: I'm about 15 feet away from you

I fully expected to hear them organize a game of 'Marco - Polo' any minute LOL.

Hopefully everything is back in order by tomorrow. For now I'll just refer to it as a 'Pineapple Day' [ala Ross the Intern]

This is a long video, but start at 1:40 for the explanation.

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Lu's Place said...

OMG those are the funniest videos ever!!! I love you blog. Lu