Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Love

Today was our first day back to school and I'm in love with a first grader.

He called me over and said 'TWO things. I'm new to the area and I need some silverware' LOL, gotta love a kid that gets right to the point.

I quickly introduced myself and our handy-dandy combo utensil we like to refer to as a 'spork'. He explained that his family just moved here a few weeks ago, but had previously lived in Texas and Georgia. I welcomed him and told him he was a REAL southern gentleman complete with the nicest manners I've seen in a 6 year old boy.

I think he was quite taken by me.

When he walked past me to go outside to recess he handed me his apple from his lunch and said, 'here this is for you'. My heart melted into a puddle.

My first day of school AND my first apple!

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