Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm off duty today b/c my son has a doctor's appointment. So on the days off when I have no new material, I'm posting something I still remember (an amazing feat in itself) from last year!

I'm calling it 'Leftovers'

This is one I recall from the beginning week of last school year. A first grade girl I'll call Amy called me over and had a complaint about a boy I'll call Don. The conversation went something like this:

AMY: Mrs. R, Don is bothering me.

ME: Well, what is he doing?

AMY: (with an obvious look of disgust) He keeps following me around and telling me he loves me!

ME: (stifling a giggle) And what would you like me to do about that?

AMY: You need to have a talk with him.

ME: Sure! What should I tell him?

AMY: (pausing to think) Well........I think you should tell him that first graders really shouldn't be thinking about love and stuff.

I couldn't agree more. Enough said!

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Melanie Wilson said...

Yeah. At least wait til 2nd grade.