Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rainy Days and Dominoes

Today was raining so that meant indoor recess in our classrooms instead of out on the playground.

Two 2nd graders were excited to show me that they were setting up a domino design on the table to knock over. I noticed that ONE domino was a little out of place and as I leaned over to nudge it in a bit, my lanyard hit the middle of the design and half of the display knocked itself down right in sequence. OMG - I apologized profusely to the boys. I SO didn't intend on doing that. One of the boys -- 'Billy' suffers from some anxiety so I was concerned he might have a meltdown over this. But no! He was comforting ME instead -- saying it was okay -- it was just an accident, etc. I quickly helped them rebuild the section I had knocked over. Just as we were placing the last few, 'Billy' accidently tipped one over on the opposite end and they ALL went down in order - EVERY last one of them! 'Billy' eyed me to see how I'd respond first and when we caught each other in mid glance, we BOTH burst out laughing -- then high-fived each other!

Way to turn an 'almost bad moment' into something fun 'Billy'!!!

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Melanie Wilson said...

This is my favorite. SO funny!!!