Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Leftovers

I'm off today but here's a gem from last year.

This happened during one of the very last weeks of the school year. I was talking to 'Z' who got to know me very well in the lunchroom. He's created a lot of material for me here so you may hear about 'Z' again in the future.

This particular day, we had indoor recess in the classroom. He was showing me something in a journal of his (I think it was about volcanoes) and I commented on how my kids liked anything to do with natural disasters.

He looked at me as wide-eyed as he could and exclaimed 'YOU HAVE KIDS?!?!?!'

Mind you -- one of my boys had shared a classroom with him for the previous 9 months! LOL

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sis said...

i love these....and love your new background :)